Stekene, belgium In the Steengelaag in Stekene, belgium is a Sunday night, a victim in a spectacular manner in terms of the former kleiput. A rescue helicopter failed, but a member of a climbing team from the fire brigade managed to get to the man using ropes and pulleys to get it.

It was with a group of CARE Reinaart of St. Nicholas, who, during their Sunday afternoon activity, at around 15.20 hrs is suddenly a challenge and man made, on top of an old bunker deep in the woods tucked away. Around the the the the person have been a variety of alcoholic beverages, and medicatieblisters be found. The young people clapped and immediately the alarm to sound. There was an ambulance and a mugteam called for, but it quickly became clear that it was impossible to find in this case an extra help to be heard. The fire was the assistance requested by the local RESCUE team for rescues at height, a depth, and hard-to-reach places. All the way through the forest, he first had to be cleared of fallen trees.

After an hour, it was also requested assistance from a NH90 helicopter to the top of the Seaking. It did, in an attempt to provide the victim with over-the-air coming out of the old kleiput, but because of the dense forest, in the dusk, and with the bad weather this plan was abandoned because it is too dangerous.

The RESCUE team of the fire service has worked hard in the meantime, by the way, and the person is using the ropes and pulleys that are coming along very slippery paths in the steep woods. With a lot of resources and effort as well. At 18 hours the patient is in a critical condition, was transferred to the AZ Nikolaas. It’s likely to be a desperate act.

for those Who have questions about safety, you can go to the Zelfmoordlijn the toll-free number to 1813, and the site is