Money, Facebook ceo Mark Zuckerberg has in the U.s. House of Representatives, and the effort to get the politicians behind the plan for the cryptomunt balance to get right. The critics were asked in particular whether Facebook is really the right company for such a project, and in light of the many privacyvraagstukken the techreus not all of them have been able to solve the problem.

can be Done now is for the House of Representatives account for Facebooks virtual currency, the cryptomunt balance, that allows users to make purchases-would be able to do it on Messenger or WhatsApp messenger. Global view of governments, the libraproject with a lot of interest because of the currency, pass by a lot of supervisors would be able to slip through, and hence financial stability at risk.

See also the Sorts of: “Balance will only be launched in United States of america the green light to set up” Trust,

At the beginning of his testimony to the special committee of the House, and asked the decision makers to not only plan for the digital currency. More so, they asked whether the 35-year-old director, is to be trusted with the immense power that is his business. Worldwide, there are about 2.7 billion users of the Facebook service.

According to the president of the commission, Maxine Waters, need Facebook to stop work on the libra project, until such time as the company has a number of non-related “deficiencies” in their social media activity is handled. According to her, there needs to be a debate about whether Facebook should be cut.