Sao Paulo has no Copacabana, no sugar loaf mountain and no sea surf. What has the city of millions, there are many traffic jams and a large Park. Nevertheless, the South American car makes use of mobile community every two years on the way to the Avenida Indianópolis, 496, to present their latest products in the largest automotive market in South America. Who expected a typical European fair with several halls, you are mistaken: There is a single large room, in which the producers lined up to the left and right like a string of pearls, to the attention of the visitors desperate.

city cars are still in demand in Brazil

The Boulevard of the car of dreams recalled in his flash light color splendor at New York’s Broadway. Also lovely ladies, and allowed to stand in the cars, without provoking a debate about the political correctness. This is not the only peculiarity of the Brazilian Auto Show: The press conferences of the manufacturers follow a fixed Ritual, it goes from front to back, one after the other. While VW, Fiat and GM make in the front of the wide, terms Ferrari (488 Pista in the Luggage) and McLaren with the – how could it be in Brazil in a different, Senna is more of a shadow existence. You take Caoa Chery literally, While the other car manufacturers flash spot in the paint, it is in the case of the Chinese in the dark, and it is still screwed to the Stand. After all, you can see the small car Chery QQ.

press-inform / Gomoll, The Camaro SS convertible will be sure to find a buyer

The city cars are in demand in Brazil. However, the slightly larger hatchback Cars suffer from the growing Trend towards SUVs and Pickups, but play still an important role, as well as the classic notchback sedans. “The price plays in Brazil remains a major role,” says Antonio Megale, President of the Brazilian automobile manufacturers ‘ Association (ANFAVEA). Therefore, even small cars, like the Fiat Mobi Way, which is also produced in the country of the footballers and Samba to be found anywhere. In contrast, the VW comes with a Cross Up. A is falls on many cars: It goes to the Brazilians, apparently, to the rustic-style Crossover-optic or the higher Seating position and, of course, Flex-fuel engines, which comes with both conventional petrol as well as biofuel clear. Diesel plays with the Cars in Brazil no role. Manufacturers such as BMW or Audi are bringing their impressive standard works with to Sao Paulo: it Is the BMW 8 or the Audi Q8. For many Brazilians these cars are and will remain an eternal dream.

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After 2016, the Brazilian market had reached only 2.05 million units sold its low point, now show the indicators back to the top. In this year, 2.55 million cars are to be brought to the man. This is not an encouraging Trend, but still has a long time, the volume of 3.80 million cars sold, the Brazil, in 2012, the fourth-largest car market in the earth. In the meantime, the South American country in this category has fallen to eighth place. This is not so.

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Pickups are in Latin America, more popular than in Europe

The government of the new President of Jair Bolsonaro wants to lead the country, and thus the car industry, new prosperity and has to call an economic strategy for the automotive industry with the name “Rota 2030”. “We are optimistic that this long-term Plan,” says VW-Latin America President Pablo di Si. So you don’t miss the Trends, you have to have the right car concepts of Europe and since the bandwidth is, despite all the shifts in the Market is relatively large. The auto makers want to score in each Segment. The show cars, like the Yaris or the VW Virtus, or Pickups, such as the Fiat Toro, the VW Tarok are – price: The Fiat costs around 104.990 Brazilian Real (€25,000). However, it will still take a while until the five-Meter Pickup comes on the market. Guesses that it will be 2020 to the extent that, the VW-responsible in the realm of fable.

On the other hand, the Latin American emphasize instead of holder, the Tarok was a pre-series vehicle and the technology in the VW-shelf would be ready. And The Pickup could also be interesting for Europe. At the latest, if that is the case, the development of modern pickup car ride. Here, the Auto-Newsletter

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