The Australian police could get their hands on at least 1 billion dollars ‘ worth of meth, cocaine, and ecstasy. Drug smugglers and were on their yacht crashed on a reef and had a huge load of drugs, and bf 1,087 tons, trying to hide among the seaweed on the Burton Island on the west coast of Australia. A sleeping seal, to england, then the attempt to escape from the two criminals.

After a manhunt police were able to last week, with the Frenchman Antoine Dicenta (51) and britain’s Graham Palmer (34) and including. They were on their morning hunt, left in the Stick to the Island and had a boat for Us on the Island, seven miles further, to the dangers that threaten them. That island in the Abrolhos archipelago is located at the height of the port city of Geraldton, on the Australian west coast. There, they tried dozens of bags of drugs under the the to seaweed, to hide from it.

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One of the fishermen looked for the criminals to hide on the island for the used airplanes, that is those of the country. She wanted to flee the boat, but it is a huge, slumbering seals, blocked them the road. She’s been an animal, but the seal began to violently scream at them. The duo was able to be caught and charged with drug trafficking. “Guests had a choice: cut through the seal, walk away, or be arrested, and it was the last one,” said the police. That was a dry note on the front: “Try not to dive if you are in a bright pink T-shirt and wearing it.