In Hockey, The Red Panthers is a very important step in the direction of the Olympic hockey tournament in Tokyo in 2020. The Belgians (FIH-12) and got it with 0 to 2 of the republic of China (FIH-10). After two minutes, there was a gap on the board. At the end of the match it could be that the Belgians through a penalty corner and the score was still pulling. Tomorrow is the the Belgians, is once again in the bucket to China. If you have two matches and the best goal difference has put himself up for the Olympic Games.

Another Bean, it was clear before the match: “This is an appointment that we cannot miss out on!”. The Panthers were at the event. Boon got the ball aangespeeld just to the inside of the circle, and they are poeierde the ball low, under the Chinese doelvrouw. The Belgian ladies have already fast easy. The Chinese women were trying to respond, but they did not much more than a half-doelkansen. The biggest opportunity in the first quarter and was even for the young. Barbara Nelen intercepted a ball in midfield and it sailed over everyone and everything. They omspeelde the Chinese doelvrouw, but pushed the ball just far enough to be able to finish. In the second quarter, came to the Chinese people more and more setting up. Chen was an open-doelkans, but after some head-long over it. The Panthers could only threaten through the Documents. Through individual action and force them to one penalty corner, but that resulted in nothing. At rest in the 0 to 1.
Key 0 to 2

Belgium came out of the locker room. They were in the beginning of the third quarter, and had the most possession of the ball. The Chinese women took it gradually, however, the command, and at the end of the quarter, with even the most dangerous. China was given a penalty corner for dangerous play. Belgium called for the Video Referee but was wrong. The penalty corner was half blocked and came to Liang’s visit, the ball is right in front of goal was missing.

The Red Panthers did in the last quarter it is definitely still going to get a second goal to make it. Versavel was right away a great opportunity. They devieerde a hard man Gerniers, but just next to it. Then again, a possibility for the Panthers, but Ballenghien was from a very sharp angle, not a decision. In the end, were the Chinese ladies are once again threatened by a penalty corner, but the doelvrouw Aisling D’hooghe ranselde the ball, good goal. The pressure from the Chinese was, but it led to a large doelkansen. At the end of the rechtten, the Belgians are back, and that it has been awarded. Belgium had a penalty corner with a gift, and Stephanie Vanden Borre did not hesitate. Hair ball also with Liang, and the Chinese doelvrouw won’t stand a chance. A key goal for the Panthers. With the 0-2 win, the Belgian women have a good paper in the morning, the tickets for the Play in question.