The Prosecutor's office made the police again to investigate an accident with a drunk driver and kills 20-year-old girl

the city Prosecutor’s office of Novosibirsk quashed the police’s decision about refusal in excitation of criminal case upon road accident in which a drunk driver hit a 20-year-old Catherine Trufanova.

Information about cancellation of the resolution has confirmed the senior assistant to the Prosecutor of the region on interaction with mass-media Dmitry Lyamkin.

Hitting Trufanova occurred in April 2019, since the girl had two surgeries and gets around in a wheelchair.

— We called the new investigator. And the old, it turns out, was removed. Steshin was his name. And already planned investigative actions. Moreover, the new investigator is now in emergency mode plans all investigations. I’m really surprised somehow. Maybe thanks to your article it’s all moved. Also who said the girl’s lawyer Andrew Ross.