Style-10 of the year following the launch of her own fashion label, Victoria Beckham (45) in its first beautylijn has been launched. “I would like to be women, both on their inside and outside’, ” she says. With the packaging made from recyclable or bio-degradable material and it fits her beautycollectie in perfectly with the trend towards more sustainability.

The former Spice Girl is struck for Victoria Beckham, Beauty, and’ the Sarah Creal, who for the last 25 years, find your way in the beautywereldje. Creal also worked for big names such as Prada, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, and Estee Lauder. For the time being, just the eye make-up, think of it as a oogschaduwpalet, and an eye liner and on sale on the website. In the near future, they also have lip and skin products at.

Beckham describes her first beautycollectie itself as a “clean ” beauty of movement”, because of the packaging and the product itself is as sustainable as possible. The line, she wants women, especially, feel good about themselves. “I want to be there personally to make sure that women feel better in their own skin as the feeling of fashion and beauty. This is very important, because if you’re confident, you radiate that out as well.Why do I want to include it in the must-have product as regards to make-up, skincare, perfume and spa treatments, I find that I need to do this in my own life,” says Beckham in a press release.