Animal For the Brazilian priest Joao Paulo Araujo Gomes will go to charity, further than any of his fellow-men. The man is committed to each and every single day of the lives of street dogs and bring them into the warmth of his church, so that they are adopted, can be used.

In the Brazilian city of Gravatá, there are many stray dogs found in the home.The priest, João Paulo, and has, therefore, to his mission, made as much as possible of the dogs to pick up and return to give. He is washing the dogs, feeding them and taking them to the vet. Afterwards, he takes them to Sunday mass where the people can take the dogs for adoption.

On facebook and instagramaccount instead, the kind-hearted priest, arranged for the photos of the stray dogs in the church, to reach out to more people. On social media, it is the man’s final days is a true hit.Dozens of dogs have already had a new family is found.