Leuven, Pool, Sportoase is guilty of ‘unintentional manslaughter’ of the 18-year-old Julien Dumoulin. The young man that passed away in 2011, during diving exercises in the ku Leuven swimming pool. There were not enough life guards overseeing swimmers, the conclusions of the Antwerp court of Appeal. Sportoase, was previously acquitted of all charges, but the supreme Court nullified that verdict.

The tragedy happened a little more than 8 years ago. Julien Dumoulin from the effects of Frost, is a successful student in the Biomedical sciences, was a member of the Brussels-based diving club and went twice a week to swim in Leuven, Sportoase pool. On the 24th of June, 2011, was at around closing time, completely wrong.

The young man, on your own are working with the so-called breath-hold exercises. In these exercises, which are very commonly in scuba diving, it is the intent of the auto-paniekimpuls for as long as possible without the need for oxygen bottles beneath the water. At a given moment in time remained with the teen to fall to the bottom of the pool. Only after 11 minutes and noticed that the black on him. Revival of an artificial coma and could not help, two weeks later the young diver’s life.


The accident which resulted in the year 2015, filed a lawsuit against the Sportoase. The court in Leuven convicted Sportoase, to pay a fine and compensation for the damage. That conviction was nullified by the court of Appeal. Sportoase, it was in the middle of 2018 acquitted of all charges. The judges also found that the ongebrijpelijk that Julien Dumoulin apnea exercise had been carried out, although he knew that he could never be alone without supervision, allowed to do so.”

The supreme court nullified that ruling, and in december of 2018. So it was in the case file of the court of appeal in Antwerp to find out that the latest ruling on the field.

Sportoase will be re-sentenced to death for “unintentional killing due to lack of care.” The company will pay a fine be imposed of up to 11 000 euros, but with the exception of a three year period. Sportoase you need to meet the family of Julien Dumoulin pay compensation to a total of $ 20,000.


Persrechter Jo, Daenen, the Antwerp court of appeal, “The judges argue for a lack of a precautionary determine. The Vlarem2 law states that any time a man is required to supervise the swimmers. According to the court, there were lifeguards present, but they were busy with other tasks, such as the measurement of the quality of the water. No one was holding the float in the hole.”

In determining the amount of compensation shall be one-quarter of the responsibility on the victim, placed as he was in the diving exercises carried out without a person to contact. The prosecutor gets three-quarters of the amount of damages awarded is granted.”