Weird to see the Three children in the united states Edgewater, Florida, the police are taken out of the house after a report from the father of her children. The girls are 8, 9, and 10 years were living in between no less than 245 of the severely neglected animal. It was, inter alia, to 95 in mice, the, 83, rats, dogs, cats, fish, and dead animals.

Depolitiekwam in response to a message from his father. The mother was the father of the children from the house after receiving a tip it had the kind of relationship. Police officers who look and wanted to take it home, smoke it in the parking lot so we had a very nasty sky.

Once inside, it became clear that the appropriate level of care for the children and the animals, and the wall. Throughout the house the layers of rotting food, feces, and urine of the animals. A dead guinea pig was in a cage. The police and the children, therefore, taken from their home, and a family member to be found. The dogs are in a shelter and gone.

The local sheriff calls on people to donate money to the animal shelter with the girls. They are mainly for toys, clothing, and money.

Mom, Susan, Nelson (49) has been accused of child and animal abuse. She was in the cell, but if the prison is left after the payment of a security deposit. Johnson, Nelson (57), the father of the children. He said that the dire situations with the police, but is charged and it is stuck. His girlfriend, Melissa Hamilton has been admitted to a psychiatric institution.