Zonnebeke and The extra parish council on Saturday morning in Zonnebeke, is chaotic. On the agenda was only one item on the agenda, and that is the resignation of the general director of the Sigurd Verstraete. What was discussed behind closed doors. Very much against the sense of opposition. First time it ran, Sigurd Verstraete way. The collection of all of his stuff up, he is accidentally a glass of water down. The police arrived on the spot to the public, and the press is out to get it.

all The members of the opposition of the InSamenSpraak-N-VA List of Transport and called for a special city council together. The letter of resignation of the general director of the Sigurd Verstraete points out, according to them, was a complete disaster inside, it’s schepencollege. “We are calling for a special city council along with a resigning managing director to ask to have the misery is exactly to make sure that we have the right to take measures to malfunctioneren of the schepencollege to send them,” said Koen Descheemaeker (N-VA) earlier in the HLN.