Gent, A lady of 74 years old, it is Tuesday afternoon in the city nursery and the Kobe & Nanou ride. It broke a window, but the children remained unharmed. “In the event of the accident in a quarter of an hour later, come to pass, then it might be a different story”, what it sounds like.

at Around 14: 15 hours Tuesday afternoon, it was in the nursery and leave to rest & Nanou, at the city hospital Jan Palfijn, was startled by a loud bang. A woman of 74 years old from the region of Ghent, there was a window. “I was in the hospital visiting a friend,” said the woman, clearly emotional. “On the drive, and wanted to open the gate does not open and I tried to get me to run. Then it hit me, my brake and the right on my gas pedal. No idea how that could have happened. I’m already in my 17th year in the car. This is something that I have never experienced before.”
No one hurt

from the room in which the lady binnenreed, games are normally for children. At the time of the facts, there was one toddler playing in the potty. She Dear Also, was there along with a co-worker. “We have been out walking with the baby,” said Dossche. “Luckily we were all unharmed. Also, all of the other children, who are in a different room to sleep in, there’s nothing left to cushion the blow. In case of the accident in a quarter of an hour later, come to pass, then it might be a different story.”
an Ideal location

in order To be on the safe side, to take in, and informed of the nursery’s security, as well as in the emergency room of the hospital.Wim De Vos, the managing director of the day care center will give them, in my opinion. “We are, of course, in an ideal location, if there is something that may be”, he commented. “However, the speed of response of the services is very impressive. They were here very quickly.”