The N-VA is hardened in the social media of the show, compared to the PS of the party, Paul Magnette. “Where on the planet they live exactly, the party will take place in the Family. The Flemish nationalists to put themselves in with what they have “in the E-frame” name.

Terwijlde king in his consultations this afternoon, afrondten is deliberating about what to do with the jam’s formation, remain in the PS and N-VA to each other. After a Magnette, the N-VA, was recently accused of only listening to the community and to the social demands of the party koudweg of the table, to wipe, to attract to the Flemish-nationalists of the teaching at the “E-frame”.

See also the King’s rounds of consultations, party chairs and here are the following steps

“where On the planet leeftPaul Magnetteeigenlijk”, the party, in response to one of the Magnette, which, among other things, the N-VA and the “social crisis” that caused it.“In reality, there were never so many people at work were benefits to be erected, and an increase in the real purchasing power,” said N-VA.

this Morning, recognized the N-VA vice-chairman Lorin Parys, that the water between the two parties as “deeply, deeply” in.“But we have to be prepared for the partijbelang to go. It is possible to use either the socio-economic and institutional aspects an agreement has to be found.”

The message of Parys, it is obviously. A federal trade-off between PS and N-VA, it is only possible when the PS is either on the socio-economic level or at the institutional level of the exchange rate changes. Or, in other words, the PS must be willing to be her left-wing socio-economic in the direction of either of the step confederalisme to set up.

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