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Another 24/12/19 the Mystery of the “black notebook”: why is everyone so afraid of the will of Stalin

In March 1953 did not become “leader” Joseph Stalin. One of the mysteries of those days is related to the so-called black notebook in which, as suggested by some researchers, was kept almost the political will of the Soviet leader. Mysteriously she disappears with the death of the owner. Where did the mysterious notebook?

Notes about the companions

Stalin died on 5 March at 21:50 from a brain hemorrhage. A couple of hours before associates “leader” has divided government and party posts. A privileged position took the “triumvirate”: Georgy Malenkov headed the Council of Ministers, Nikita Khrushchev – the Communist party, and Lavrenty Beria consolidated his power over the internal Affairs bodies and special services.

a major headache in those days the environment of Stalin, historians say, was the presence of “great leader” of the so-called black notebooks. The exact content nobody knows. Presumably, that it was a secret note about the companions of the Soviet leader, and very unflattering character.

According to historian, author of “How to kill Stalin” Nicholas Dobruja, the leader was preparing once again to shuffle the deck of cards of their environment. Actually there is a new big clean. Under its ice rink could be members of the “old guard”, including Beria, Khrushchev and Malenkov.

Operation “Antifreedom”

it is possible that the plans of the leader to his peers a secret was not. Instead of “Starikov” Stalin allegedly was going to propose in the leadership of the new footage. In his plans, he devoted only a mysterious black notebook.

Talk about a successor began after the war, the historian Yury Emelyanov. Entourage of the Soviet leader on the intentions of the leader reacted extremely nervously. Around those whom he draws the attention may cause conspiracies and intrigues.

One of the firsts of the victims erupted in the struggle for power became the Deputy head of the Council of Ministers Nikolai Voznesensky. Then he was shot the first Secretary of the Leningrad regional party Committee Alexey Kuznetsov.

they were All sent to the light in the “Leningrad case” – a series of legal processes, the formal reason for which was held in the Northern capital unauthorized “top” fairs for the sale of unsold products.

there was talk that Stalin was going to entrust the government of the former head of the all-Union partisan movement, Panteleimon Ponomarenko. In his favor played a good education and excellent organizational skills. In the black notebooks “leader of the people” could leave a note on the appointment of a talented Manager to head the government. “The triumvirate” this state of Affairs was not satisfied.

a Scam Beria?

Particularly adverse situation developed for Beria. According to Colonel-General, doctor of historical Sciences Dmitry volkogonova, Stalin’s attitude to his “Georgian comrade” after the war, has deteriorated markedly. Beria feared that a black notebook he prepared for the unenviable fate.

it is no Coincidence that Lawrence p. was the first who entered the bedroom of Stalin, when the leader was already in agony. It happened in the night from 3 to 4 March. Historian Valery Malevanny claims that Beria took a lot of personal papers of the dying “owner”, including the black notebook.

After his arrest several months later the competent authorities are very interested in the fate of the notebook. A son Sergo Beria remembered that their mother was questioned. But the fate of the mysterious manuscripts, they did not know.

Under the wing of the KGB

the writer, the intelligence historian Gennady Sokolov believes that the book fell into the hands of the first head of the KGB, Ivan Serov, who arrested Beria. Record he prudently left to themselves.

the Researcher believes that the notebooks were incriminating recording of Khrushchev, so Khrushchev was forced to reckon with the head of the security services. Convenient the reason for dealing with them was given in 1963 in connection with the treason of GRU Colonel Oleg Penkovsky.

Serov was expelled in disgrace from the security services and was forced to “buy off” from further trouble black notebook. From that moment it was Khrushchev.

impossible to Leave it, to destroy

Nikita hastened to destroy the came to him “threat asset”, says the historian Gennady Sokolov. In his opinion, if the black book had survived, I would have been published. For modern politicians, written in it is unlikely to represent a danger.

There are those who are in the existence of mysterious records believes. Journalist, former officer of the Moscow criminal investigation Department Andrey Binev considers that there is a rather diary entries in several sources, and they are all classified.

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