The consumer Ordered, we will have our Big Mac at the drive-thru window at a robot instead of a human being? You will be looking forward to it. McDonald’s is planning to be at the drive-thru of its subsidiaries in the united states of any individual. The hamburgerketen will rely on artificial intelligence and the acquired tech.

McDonald’s also announced yesterday the acquisition of the Apprente, a company out of Silicon Valley in 2017, it was set up. Goal is to have a spraakherkenningsplatform for complex orders in different languages and accents to understand.

The technology of Apprente is AI-controlled, and is already being tested in some restaurants, a McDonald’s restaurant in the united states. The fastfoodgigant aims to provide a “quicker, easier, and more accurate recording of orders in the drive-thru.” Whether customers would like, of course, to get what they have asked for it.

In the future the voice recognition technology, human employees will be replaced in the McDrives. This is a continuation of the already implemented automation in a McDonald’s restaurant. Had the company been in a lot of restaurants, zelfbedieningskassa and install that, after a period of time, also have to be using voice recognition technology.