Weird In Florida, it was the terror storm Dorian have a lot on. The inhabitants were also on their safety precautions. Patrick Eldridge of Jacksonville, was of particular concern to his Pain, which, according to him, it was to be blown away. He parked the truck in the house.

Patrick Eldridge, said to CBS News that his wife “was under the impression that he was telling the truth, that the Smart kitchen would be a good fit”. Though he didn’t have a lot left over, for example, in a video that the wife (Jessica) on Facebook before. She also posted a picture of a nice job in the kitchen of the parked car. It was here that her husband Tuesday morning to ensure it, because of the advantage of the torque to be occupied by the car of Jessica.

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more Shocking to the Eldridges, then it’s a happy lack of any serious consequences of of Dorians passage along Florida were nearly 23.000 however, for the conscious, Facebookpost, that is, at the time of this writing, even though nearly 67,000 times and shared it as it was.“We now know that we have an extra car in the house,” joked Patrick, and his in retrospect superfluous, proved to be an action.