UPDATE the US House of Representatives has decided to take the impeachmentonderzoek against the president when He is open to throw it, so that millions of Americans are able to judge whether or not He have power and have abused it for their own political gain. This is going to be the impeachment procedure of a new phase. “Today, the House is the next step forward,” said the Democratic speaker, Nancy Pelosi. He was the “greatest witch hunt in the history of the united states.

the vote will now be a formal investigation into the removal of the president by Donald Trump, after his phone call last summer, with the Ukrainian president in which he would be asked to conduct research for his political arch-rival, Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

See also the top advisor He will resign shortly, for a testimony

The resolution on Thursday of the House, which was adopted, gives the green light for a formal investigation, but it also makes it clear that the Home authorities the documents must be retained, depositions, and can prevent process in addition to it may be put, and the House of Representatives might continue to be out of town.Ookmogen Trumps the lawyers are in one committee, that of Justice, to engage in the interview. It is this committee that will ultimately decide whether or not He can be accused for.

as The vote went almost entirely along party lines: not one of the 194 Republicans voted for the resolution. Also, two of the Democrats who voted against it. 231 Democrats, and 1 independent representative voted for it. Four members abstained from the vote. The only two Democrats who opposed the formal afzettingsonderzoek agreed to, are Jeff Van Drew (elected in in in New New New New New Jersey) and Collin Peterson (elected in Utah). Both of them represent districts where a Home is, in 2016, the victory went to walk away.