The gift is fine: a policeman handed the mask to the parole violator in the Novosibirsk metro

Yesterday, June 4, at about 22:00 the police officer gave the mask to the passenger in the subway station “River station”. He went down to the subway trains without a mask, then the station staff called the police.

the correspondent of the NHS told the passenger station Victor.

— I forgot about this mask mode, descended into the subway, where the staff began to shout that without a mask is impossible, the police were called, I just quietly left to stand still, to wait, — has told to the correspondent NGS Victor. — Down policeman, calmly listens to the squeals of the metro, opened a small suitcase in which masks are a neat stack, and handed one to me with the words: “On, wear”. Police Constantine was called. I didn’t think that there are such sympathetic and understanding police always used to think that they would only people to be fined.