TV is the most beautiful girl in the country, it is not an obvious choice to partner with us. And, therefore, is an ex-Miss Belgium, Justine De Jonckheere (27) today ‘Today, to go on a date’ to search for ‘the one’. “A man who is five years younger than my mum and dad? No, no, thank you.”

FIVE of the presenters Final Kazaltzis (40), and Goedele Liekens (56) give it a try, starting tonight, for five well-known faces to link them to an unknown Flemish. So add to cart ‘Temptation’-good girl Pommeline (25), Ex on the Beach contestant Diaz (27), and “Love Island” faces Chef (24) and Jarne (24), and their likelihood. However, the most notable name among the participants, no doubt, Justine De Jonckheere, in 2011, for the crown of Miss Belgium in her head, was allowed to continue. The beautiful West-Flemish, for more than three years single after two long relationships – and the aim is now to bring about change. “It’s difficult for me to get to know a person,” she says. “Because I’m known, is all that I do is under a magnifying glass. When I was with my cousins for something to eat, then you can go away and say that someone is there to take a photo of it, and insinuates that he is my new friend. That’s me, that kind of thing now, even me, was allowed to leave, and frank was able to go on a date, it was a great relief. I, however, will remain in doubt until the very last moment, you know. It was only when my friends and me pushten to get out of my comfort zone, but I convinced’m gone. (laughs)”.


“of Course, it would be very cool, if I can, through the love of his life, in the true spirit of running, but I mainly wanted to show you that I am not walking like a cliché, ben,’ says She. “People think that I do, because I’m an ex-miss-am, and the men I have to save it. Believe me, this is not the case. (he laughs), And it may be sad to say, but I’ve noticed that a lot of people are of the opinion that I am arrogant to me. Any idea as to why. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am not one to be a man, step off. I didn’t do that, and that’s what I do since I was a missenjaar though it is not. I think you may be the target of ridicule from the man in question, and all of his friends. That does it for me.”