In Kortrijk, The Samsung Galaxy, the Fold is not in Belgium, is available. Still, Thursday afternoon’s first foldable smartphone in the us, land that is sold. Tommy Naghdipour of shopping Phone ûp however the Tech in Kortrijk (belgium) managed by a German supplier to get one for Jannos Vandekerckhove from Beveren-Leie. “I just paid 3.099 euro. It’s totally worth it.”

Samsung’s president, recently, the global lanceringsplan of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, due to the limited availability. The company’s Belgium and Holland, and on your left. In other countries, such as Germany, it is in the Fold, however, has been launched. Tommy Naghdipour of shopping Phone ûp it in Long Rue, Tommy Tech in the Steenpoort in the city where you can walk in Kortrijk (belgium) was there in less than twelve hours at a time, one trigger at a German dealer, who’s name, he would prefer to keep. The item in Kortrijk, belgium, and beyond, for well-known smartphones will be the first to offer it, due to his excellent contacts.

I will have to do a lot of attention with my Samsung Galaxy s Fold and 5 g of. But it might be possible to convince people to become a of Samsung to buy. Apple is an overrated brand, you have to pay just for the logo.

Jannos Vandekerckhove