Erpe-Mere, belgium, The Halloweennacht provided to the fire fighters of the Hulpverleningszone the South-East, some of the night.

if you have a party in GC, The Volkskring in the Party, it was around 1 am, the door to the disco bar is open so the smoke from the smoke machine, inadvertently, the fire alarm is triggered in the action set. The Chiromeisjes of the Climb, the fire brigade, a few hours later, a little after 6 am to make their new heme in addition to the football pitch of SK Aaigem at the Langemunt.

After a Halloweentocht that the Chiromeisjes participated in it and decided to put them in their new premises, and some sausages to fry. The fact that there wasn’t ideal, so the crowds aanbrandden, the automatic fire alarm system was put into operation a few minutes later, the fire department was at the door. The blue flashing light on top, caused, undoubtedly, for an additional dimension to the Halloweengebeuren.