The feat of the miners of Donetsk to Odessa: how the miners destroyed 500 of the Nazis

Heroes 22/12/19 the Feat of the miners of Donetsk to Odessa: how the miners destroyed 500 of the Nazis

Night 23 August 1941 near Odessa group of Soviet miners-volunteers, armed sapper shovels overturned two battalions of the Romanian infantry, trying to take the position 412-battery. In this battle nearly all the men died the line of duty. The feat described in his book, Vice Admiral Azarov. The words of captain be confirmed in the memoirs of members of defense and documents in the naval archives. 412-I battery and the defense of Odessa

During the storming of Odessa by German-Romanian troops one of the most important battles took place near the 412-th battery. It was a coastal Fort with underground structures and cannons, firing 40 kilometers. Task battery was the destruction of enemy ships trying to get in Odessa Bay and bombard the city from the sea.

command of the defense of the city divided the front into three sectors – Western, southern and Eastern, which consisted of 412-I battery. August 13, Romanians completed the encirclement of Odessa, and went on the offensive. From August 20 to attack the 50-th Romanian corps, concentrated on a narrow isthmus, did not stop all day. The enemy knew that the Russian defense relies on the battery and tried to seize its positions.

August 22, the Romanians took the 412-th battery in the ring and began to assault. Bataraza struggled, but the strength ran out of reserves to help the besieged were not. Deputy chief of staff, captain 1st rank Ivanov, reported the commander of the defense of Odessa, rear Admiral Gavriil Zhukov, the presence of only one free unit – March company of 250 miners-volunteers, who came from the city of Stalino (today Donetsk). The soldiers were ready to fight, only weapons for them, the command was not there.

the Miners are going to fight

After the war, the political instructor of the 2nd marine regiment Semen Bondarenko, wrote that all the miners were strong, physically developed people. Some had combat experience in the war with the Finns and the Japanese. The majority of the years he served in the ranks of the red army. Bondarenko recalled that miner’s political officer, Ivan Pronin, told the men that if the enemy is a battery, its guns begin to bombard Odessa. The miners have agreed to fight, but one of them said to fight without rifles, the same that mine coal without jackhammers.

After a short discussion, the miners were preparing to leave. In the barracks remained two dozen sick and wounded who comrades passed hastily written letters and addresses of relatives. At the request of the miners they were issued with a vest. The whole unit was 10 rifles, each gave 5-6 grenades and entrenching tool. He commanded a detachment of senior Lieutenant Silin.

Night 23 August 1941 250 volunteers from the Donbass arrived on the outskirts of Odessa to the location of the 1st marine regiment defending the Eastern sector. In the village of New Dofinovka to the miners attached a local old man, who served as a Midshipman and agreed to show the way to the 412-th battery.

the Soviet fists against the Romanian rifles

the Column moved in the direction of Chebanka. The trucks drove with lights off, but the Romanians heard the sound of the engines and opened fire. The miners left the body and silently in the dark began to move on foot. In a few minutes they came to the Romanian soldiers who, unaware of the proximity of the enemy, was on the same Nikolaev road. The first shooting began, the commanders of miners armed with machine guns. After them, the miners started throwing grenades. In the confusion of battle, the opponents are mixed together, and boiled fierce melee.

the Romanians were shot, but the Donbass volunteers expertly wielded sharpened blades, knives and fists so that those broke and began to flee. In the first minutes of the battle killed senior Lieutenant Silin. The he took command of the political leader Pronin. After he getl a severe wound, it was replaced by one of the miners, whose name has not been preserved.

the Miners, seeing the back of the enemy, regrouped and shouting “Hurrah!” rushed to the battery, which unsuccessfully tried to occupy Romania. A total dump, the enemy decided that this is the beginning of a large-scale Russian counter-attack and retreated.

summary of the battle

a member of the defense 412-th battery Sergeant Fyodor Samoilovich Zadoi, recalled that on August 23, their position was stormed by two battalions of the Romanian infantry. The situation was critical: there were many wounded and killed, the relationship with Odessa ended, and the enemy is only 100 meters away from them. The middle of the night they heard grenade explosions and flashes of explosions. Attack of the Romanians stopped and when the morning had not been resumed.

Sergeant Sadoy and several bataraza made his way to the place of the night of the battle and saw a terrible picture. On the road and the roadside lay the Romanians with the severed hands and severed heads. Mixed with them were men in vests, who clutched the blades and knives. Some had Romanian rifles with broken in hand-to-hand with rifle butts.

the Few survivors of the soldiers were bandaged and comrades. Bataraza found out that that night they, and all Odessa has saved the miners-volunteers from the city of Stalino. On the battlefield, over 500 killed Romanians. In memory of the heroism near the 412-th battery in 2010 was covered by a mound and the stele is established.

Alexander Brazhnik

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