Hooglede, Tim D Heedene, which is the last year of 25,000 euros collected for charity, with a benefietreeks, in honor of his late daughter, But (4) is to launch a second benefietreeks to Support Kinderepilepsie. The highlight will be a concert by Stan Van Samang, in the church of the Gits (belgium) on the 26th of October. This is the first time that such a performance will be held at the St. Jacob’s Meerderekerk.

Tim (30) expired on 12 February 2018, a 4-year-old daughter, But with a sudden attack of kinderepilepsie. The grief-stricken father, his sadness is not out of the way, and it took quite a bit of movement to the memory of this is different. He has organized, among other things, a comedyavond in the Cinema, The Emperor, was sold maps and full-Willem Vermandere for a concert in the church of Lichtervelde. Thus, the he on its own initiative, € 25,000 for the charity. That’s the amount he made in december, live at Studio Brussel (in) famous during the Middle Week to be the favorite toy of his dead daughter in his hands. That benefietreeks pass to Tim now, as a follow-up.