Editorial of the ” World “. For the past two days, the images have a parade in the loop, occupied the media, and electrified the national Assembly. We see Jean-Luc Mélenchon, member of parliament and leader of The France insubordinate, Tuesday, October 16, in the morning, vitupérant, outside of him, in front of the closed door of the headquarters of his movement, where police officers were conducting a search.

Girded with his scarf habs, the former candidate for the presidential election denounced a ” disgrace “, a “coup de force” and of “political police” intended to “scare” the opposition. Finger vengeful, he yells to the policeman impassive that prohibits the entry : “I am a member of parliament. The Republic, it is me ! My person is sacred… ” and Then, assisted by several members of his group, it forces the entrance, shook the foundations of the vice-prosecutor of Paris present on the scene and causes the interruption of the search.

If the violence was intended to drown under the cries and the fury of the causes of the search – and similar procedures previously conducted at his home and the homes of several employees of its movement, it is missed. Because everyone now knows that the judicial police intervened in the framework of two preliminary investigations which are open to the parquet de Paris.

Suspicions of abuse

The first is employment-related alleged fictitious assistants in the european parliament by the party mélenchoniste ; identical surveys have been incurred, for the same reasons, against the national Gathering (ex-FN) of Marine Le Pen and the MoDem of François Bayrou. The second focuses on potential irregularities in the funding of the presidential campaign of Jean-Luc Mélenchon in 2017, reported to the justice by the national Commission of campaign accounts.

The latest information :   Jean-Luc Mélenchon heard by the police anti-corruption

In both cases, it is, therefore, suspected abuse, or misappropriation of public money. Since it is a honour to be the elected of the people, the member of parliament for Marseille cannot forget that it is also funded by the people, whose taxes contribute as well to the budget of the european Parliament and to the reimbursement of campaign costs. In this case, 6 million euros have been returned by the State to the candidate Mélenchon of 2017.

it was deliberate or spontaneous, the stroke of the blood of the leader of “the rebellious” is calamitous, both for himself and for his movement. This is an mp, which is also a group president, who contested violently, obstructing and wants to discredit a judicial proceeding, certainly dramatic and unpleasant for the people concerned, but, whatever he says to them, perfectly in accordance with the rules of the procedure.

explanation :   No, the search warrant suffered by Jean-Luc Mélenchon and BIA is not “political”

Cheered by the deputies lepénistes

This is a member of parliament who called willingly to the political elites of the country to the ideals and challenging, vilipende, and cast a reproach on the authority of the police and of the justice, drawing the way the general condemnation of their union… and new prosecution.

This is a leader who does not deprive, in march 2017, to make the lesson to Marine Le Pen when she offended the investigation launched against the national Front (in the case of assistants in the european parliament) and who is currently adopting the same behavior, playing the victim, denounces a “political police” and gets, in return, the applause of the deputies lepénistes.

finally, Here is a man who has the ambition to bring together ” the people “, starting with the left one, and who loses his nerves, “trips” in public, in short, it shows that he has no control is indispensable for the high office to which he aspires.