The environment Of your home, your car, your office, and never come out. That, however, however, the frame outlines the ex-senator Tick Segerblom of-the-fastest-warming city in U.S., Las Vegas has to offer. The average temperature since 1970, with a 3.2 degree Celsius increase. The biggest victims in the world’s poorest people.

Everyone has heard of Las Vegas as a resort town, where the garden, but at the same time, in a cool place to play at one of the dozens of casinos and resorts. Sin City is good for as many as 40 million tourists a year. But there is life all year round in this huge oasis in the middle of the desert. They need to be there in the heat for much longer than a few days or weeks to get better. Without air conditioning, you’ve lost. Unfortunately, sometimes literally.

Coroner Jill Roberts recalled a resident who, last year, in a broeiend-hot room, no air-conditioning or a fan, is dead, while the outside is 46 degrees. “Nature has no mercy,” she said in The Guardian. “Especially in these days of 46 degrees celsius, there is not a lot of need it. I just put my records out in the sun, and it is not in the house, where it is very hot.” The heat is in Clark county, which Las Vegas belongs to, it is often one of the causes of death. The temperatures are deadly.

global warming is making everything worse. If nothing is done, global emissions of carbon, predict scientists at the end of the century, with 96 days per year (about 38 degrees Celsius, 60 of which are warmer than those of 40,5 degrees celsius, and for 7 days ‘special class’, which is the current gevoelstemperaturen will be exceeded.

all The tourism is rising all the time, in Las Vegas, as well as the number of inhabitants. That means more vehicles, more emissions. It’s getting to be too small, the streets and the houses, which with the heat makes it worse. Since 2011, each year’s growth, and the future is not bright for Sin City. “Great,” even, according to The Guardian. Tick Segerblom, who is now with the commission, as well as Clark county’s seat, has been working, therefore, for the power of the approach. “How many months of the year, we should be able to keep up?” he asks, pointing to the picture of the future that people from outside would come in, the dreadful heat.