Car-German Made since 1981, and working on the fine tuning – more and more – are especially Desirable. Now, the company is engaged in the development of their own supersportwagen.

as The first images of the new model seem to point in a track-oriented sports car with mid-engine. The car would be 2,38 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km per hour in six seconds, 0 to 200 km/h sprint. The top speed of 370 km/h).

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According to the Gemballa chief Steffen Korbach get in the car and have more than 800 hp. Buyers will be able to, according to him, to look for a no-compromise vehicle that, at the same time, a radical, pure, and luxurious-is ” basis. The car is powered by a eenbenzinemotor, and if the option of a manual gearbox.It is a car that will also be saying goodbye to mark from the analog era. The next generation of Made’s electric aandrijving.De super car is equipped with vankoolstofvezel and advanced aerodynamics, with some of the active compounds in the form of animated characters.

the Prototype

Made strives to provide a first version as soon as next year, to be able to see it, and if all goes according to plan, production begins in the 2022.De the launch of the supercar highlights the transition Made from a pure tuner for a small car manufacturer, a road that is already an AMG and a Ruf week. The old tuners have their own cars.

Made, it was set up by the enigmatic Uwe Gemballa, who in 2010 was killed in South Africa. After the death of the founder, was Made in the disaster, but was bailed out by Korbach and other investors. She has nearly 17 million in u.s. dollars (converted to eur 15.3 million) in the company as investments are made and there are plans for an additional capital injection of € 22.5 million, corresponding to a thick 20 million.