As Beatrice, and Andreas J. with her two-year-old son on the outskirts of Berlin in a small house, seems your luck is perfect. Two years ago, the Couple moves in with her two-year-old son. The previous owner connect a precedent to the purchase agreement. Such a contract can be useful if, for example, a Change in the zoning has occurred, and the buyer wants to be sure he can use the property in accordance with the new order. In the case of Js, the seller wants to save on taxes, because even the ten-year speculation period ends only if the agreement applies. “We were told that there is nothing that can go wrong. Unless someone dies,“ says Beatrice J. in an interview with the “image”.

“We have done nothing wrong”

In April of this year, should the contract of sale. 255.000 Euro to the cost of the house. The loan of 260,000 euros was approved by the Bank, the broker and the notary already paid. The young family had renovated, also the bathroom and other rooms and 30,000 euros transferred to early to collect.

What nobody had expected: In your environment, at some point 6000 new apartments. As the district office learns in Pankow, that the purchase is postponed, the contract of the young family, it attracts the right of first refusal and snatches the house, Beatrice, and Andreas J. in front of the nose. The young family is now on the brink of financial Ruin: “We have done nothing wrong and are sitting on a mountain of debt,” says Andrew J. PDF So you can Finance your home Our PDF guide shows you how to find cheap loans, pitfalls to bypass and get money from the state.To the PDF guide

in The end, only debt

stay 95.000 Euro, the debt mountain will be at the end. The Problem is that Since the family had to freeze the credit, you will pay now on a monthly basis 675 Euro Penalty rate for a house that doesn’t belong to you. The reversal of the transaction costs once more to 26,000 Euro. The cost of Beatrice, and Andreas J. remain seated. “The district will not accept,” says Andreas J.. Perhaps the family is allowed to remain as a tenant in the house. PDF 20 steps to home ownership Our PDF guide explains how you can plan step by step your dream house, Fund, and build.To the PDF guide

district of responsibility pushes of the

The family has already filed a notice of opposition against the purchase of the district. You want to get back to her house. City development the city Council classed Kuhn pushes away the responsibility from the district. He said the image that the district Executive only the order of the Senate. This happens always after a “time-consuming examination of individual cases”. Display

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit On the in addition to cost it is: an expert explains how much equity you need hog house purchase property purchase contract tips