Neo-nazis have, for the past few days, a new the death threats leveled against a number of German politicians, among them ecologisten. A few months ago that killed a far-right activist, there is already a politician.

The green mep Cem Özdemir received it on the 27th of October, in an e-mail from the ‘Nuclear Weapons’, the German branch of the group, which is considered dangerous in the united states. The group warned Özdemir, that he was on a “list” will allow you to execute people.

One of the other ecologist, for claudia Roth, the vice president of the federal parliament, received a similar e-mail.

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in The past few weeks, several other politicians have also been the victim of death threats, including Mike Mohring, the leader of the conservative CDU in Thuringia. The minister of foreign Affairs, Horst Seehofer, praised “a very critical deterioration from the use of violence in German society.

“The authorities are following very closely the activities of the Division of Nuclear Weapons,” to”, replied the spokesman of the ministry of Internal Affairs, in his usual press conference. He said that the group is active in Germany since the end of 2018.The investigation is in the hands of the Bundeskriminalamt, the German federal recherchedienst.

Less than six months ago, there was a Walter Lübcke and killed a local politician of the CDU party, which views pro and migrants are held. The main suspect, a neo-nazi sitting in jail. He explained the confession, ex.