The village of Houthalen-Helchteren, Kris Claes Voka-Limburg choked on his coffee when a Houthalense manager of the relevant doctor’s certificate, under his nose, and pushed back. “The 14 days of absence due to illness of the dog. I thought it was a joke, a bad, then,” says Claes. The doctor in question is the risk of a complaint by the Order of physicians. Meanwhile, the Flemish member of parliament, Ludwig Vandenhove (sp.(a) a scheme to make the test in local and provincial government officials.

“I said, ” why not join us a few days at home, when I found out that something is wrong with his dog was all about,” says the managing director of a betonbedrijf of the village of Houthalen. “My people can always count on me if there is something that is going on. However, when he came down with a ziektebriefje to 14 days to stay at home because of the illness of his dog… Which was, for me, is too far away. All of my other employees now have to do a little bijsteken, because he stays at home, and in the case of benefits. That doesn’t work. He is not allowed to have a discharge come to expect. I understand it is not the doctor.”