The death of Novosibirsk from poplar: officials called the drop in the branches of an accident, the investigators do not agree

the Administration of Leninsky district of Novosibirsk called accident the death of a man after it has fallen branch of a poplar. Officials said that the tree a few years ago exposed a rejuvenating pruning. Investigators continue to conduct criminal case of negligence of employees of administration of Leninsky district.

Tell all versions of the incident which are known now.

What happened

In the afternoon of 26 may in Novosibirsk came the hurricane. A strong wind was broken and pulled out by the roots the trees around Novosibirsk. On the street 2-I Port at the house No. 30, he broke a branch. She struck 59-year-old man on the head. Up to him, according to local residents, helped the builders working nearby. The victim’s head was injured, but he could walk on his own, so did not go to the hospital and home, where in some hours has died.