The crisis is over? In Novosibirsk has returned a harsh tube — column about how people are going to save the economy

Athens gradually returned to normal working life and are one of the main indicators of this is the increased vehicle traffic. There was not only morning/evening traffic, but the daily congestion of cars every day on the streets more and more. Authoreditor NGS Dmitry Kosenko argues that, where are these tens of thousands of people and why it is an important indicator of economic recovery.

the Last few days I travel a lot on business driving a taxi — and somehow even missed the free Novosibirsk streets three weeks ago. Often have to stand in traffic jams is not even in the morning and in broad daylight. Traffic jams returned to their rightful places, the increased daytime traffic congestion, according to the “Yandex” yellow reaches 4 points — just like in the good old days.