After the historic fall in oil prices in March, the subsequent devaluation of the ruble and introduction of the isolation in April, many Russians were below the poverty line. Some lost jobs, others part of the earnings. At that, credit commitments, most of them remained. The experts give a disappointing forecasts about inflation and banks are to meet not for everyone. Don’t become a victim of the crisis and the law to write off debt — read the material.

the Number of applications for bankruptcy has increased by 70%

Spring this year for Russia special for the first time in history millions of people because of the pandemic coronavirus infection was left without a job or have lost a significant portion of earnings. Five spheres on the brink of extinction: without a source of income to airlines, builders, engineers, workers of the catering and tourism industry. According to the Ministry of labour and social development of the Novosibirsk region in March every day to the employment centers of the Novosibirsk region addressed by 209 people, and in the first half of April already for 286 people.

Adds fuel to the fire and the General economic situation in the country — the black gold after the historic drop in March is still not quite recovered, and the ruble continues to decline.

may 12, holidays is over, but the work did not wait for many, and no social support does not compensate for the loss of income. In turn, obligations utilities, loans population no one was released, which resulted in the explosive growth of bankruptcies.

— In the last quarter the number of applications for bankruptcy has increased by 70%, — says head of legal practice at the Novosibirsk company “Modern defense” Julia Wagner. — Courts may 12 has returned to its former mode of operation, but become much more loyal attitude to the debtor on the basis of their insolvency and the circumstances that they could not predict one.

it is Important to stay ahead of the lender first to file for bankruptcy

According to the source, on average, each economically active Russians increased their debt over the past year, 37 thousand rubles and needs to credit institutions the order of 227 thousand rubles. Experts say that in the nine regions of the country, the average debt of economically active Russians exceeds 300 thousand rubles. The aggregate debt of the population to banks has crossed the psychological mark and exceeds 17.2 trillion rubles. Although still in early 2019, the amount was more optimistic — 15 trillion rubles.

To somehow affect the situation and help the population to get out of the shackles of credit, the company “Modern defense” found the solution.

during the period of the holidays, we adapted our business processes to the regime of remote work — now to start the procedure without leaving the house — continued Julia. Every day we consult about 200 people and this number continues to grow. And this is very important, because part of the population in serious condition, and if they try to delay the appeal, the debts will accumulate, the creditor may apply to the court, and then down the drain. Collectors, endless phone calls, the nerves… And we help to get rid of debt without leaving home.

bankruptcy cost

According to the statistics of the Polls, the most popular Bank loans are popular among Russians aged 25 to 34 years. 72% of this age group stated that they or members of their families have outstanding loans. Among people whose economic situation has deteriorated in recent times, many of those who belong to a particular social group. For them, the company “Modern defense” has launched anti-crisis program.

— Its essence is to provide certain categories of citizens of the CCAbennye conditions, — said Julia Wagner. — First of all we are talking about the disabled, pensioners, mothers, single parents, large families and so on. For them bankruptcy regardless of the amount is almost nothing — we just have to pay the mandatory costs set by law. This is the official Manager’s remuneration is 25 thousand rubles, 300 rubles state duty and about 15 thousand rubles for the publication. Without these costs it is impossible to carry out the procedure of bankruptcy.

now the company “advanced protection” works with clients who have the amount of debt starts from 300 thousand rubles.

Time is against you

— If you suddenly found themselves in a difficult financial situation and cannot pay back the loan is not a tragedy, it is worse to sit back and lament that things have turned out, — says head of legal practice at the Novosibirsk company “Modern defense”. — The main problem — the inactivity!

Julia Wagner is every reason to make such conclusions, because her company only last year spent more than 2,5 thousand of successful cases in bankruptcy. At the moment, “Modern defense” freed from debts more than 6 thousand Russians, and hundreds of cases won in Novosibirsk.

— to Start life with a clean slate is much easier than it seems, — said the lawyer. Just in such situations it is necessary to trust the professionals. Our employees successfully deal with bankruptcy issues throughout the country. Our offices work in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Samara, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Rostov-on-don, Nizhny Novgorod, Tyumen, Murmansk and Vladivostok. If you are faced with the problems of debt — don’t delay the solution of a question for later. Time is against you.

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