For a while things that you thought were just for unthinkable: Brexit, Trump, Vorrundenaus occur constantly. The sense of Possibility and the ability to think everything that might as well be, according to Musil. Man is today forced to expand its Möglichkeitssinnn daily.

As a semi-informed outside people with average bourgeois prejudices they held the Brazilians to Sunday for a fun-loving beach. Then you had to take, surprised to see that you are just about to choose a Copacabana-rich citizens to the presidency. Jair Bolsonaro would rather have a dead than have a gay son, tells a woman that she was too ugly to rape you, and the military dictatorship that ruled in Brazil until 1985, just fine. The Junta had stopped only long with the Torture of opponents. You would have to kill.

Against Bolsonaro Donald Trump as Nathan the wise and the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte as Eugen Drewermann acts. In Germany, a think piece of the AfD-Chairman Alexander Gauland for attention, since Saturday. Gauland had asked in the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, where populism came from, and as the cause of a stained-globalized Elite without a sense of home identified. Then got accused non-ferrous Globalized, the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, they offer right-wing populists a stage. These people were reading more often, “FAZ”, you’d know that under the heading “Foreign feathers” party across the curious guest posts are weggedruckt.

Well, you might have to this time “xenophobic springs” to write about it, as a Trigger warning for people who find pluralism problematic, and all block, or entfreunden not want to lock, what is ticking just like you. The “daily mirror” was repeated on Tuesday the suspicion is pretty far away, Gauland had of a Hitler speech from 1933 to inspire, but had to acknowledge shortly thereafter, Gauland had rather written off in a not-so-old days mirror-guest post.

On Monday, the world presented the intergovernmental panel on climate change report the damage. Conclusion is, roughly summarized: If you do not see massive cuts in CO2, the earth will soon be gone from the window. The Federal government promptly responded by sending on Tuesday, Federal environment Minister Svenja Schulze with the proviso to the climate summit in Brussels, it’s just not a lot of CO2. The negotiating strategy was interesting, because the Minister had to know in advance that you would your negotiating position be fond of. It has already succeeded.

A spokesman for the car industry said on Wednesday, after the agreement on new limits of what the car industry says to each value, to produce Less CO2 is harmful “hundreds of thousands of jobs”. To produce more CO2, the car industry considers to be effective. Costs a maximum of a planet.

On Friday, the signs that the Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi murdered in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, in the small cube parts and disposed of has been compacted. To show video recordings in the possession of Turkish and American services. A macabre punch line to this horror story is that Trump and Erdogan appearing as a defender of the freedom of the press. We need to expand our sense of Possibility every day.

On Thursday, due to her Affair with Donald Trump well-known Porn actress Stormy Daniels in Berlin opened the erotic fair Venus. From her autobiography “Full Disclosure” we learned that trump’s privates is just below average in size and look like the fly agaric mushroom figure Toad in the Nintendo game “Super Mario”. This is also one of the things that we wanted to introduce to us until Recently.