Thanks to The city of Aalst, belgium apologized to the family of Dirk and Elise de Nijs, a victim of the Gang Of Nijvel. The city put up a sign next to the grave of the victims with a message to Renew the concession, or the grave, will disappear.’ “Inappropriate”, the family de Nijs. The following week, on the 9th of november we will be remembering the victims. This is for the us to go it.”

Dirk, and daughter, Elsie, when a 9-year-old – lost their lives in the attack by the Gang Of Nijvel on Delhaize in Aalst in 1985. The following week, on the 9th of november, the eight fatal victims of the attack, and as every year, will be commemorated at the cemetery of Brussels. For more than a week before the celebration, there was a sign at the tomb of Dirk and Elise de Nijs: ‘a Concession to pay, or else it will disappear in the grave. A standard procedure, but is painful for the family, and being so close to the anniversary.