Premier League-Manchester City is in second place in the Premier League. Kevin De Bruyne and co. had, not without difficulty passed staartploeg Southampton: 2-1.

After the 0-9 defeat at Leicester City, had been at Southampton what is right. Not that it’s Manchester City’s to be the easiest opponent, but The Saints’ weerden is located at the first floor of the Premier League. Southampton was surprisingly in the lead at the Etihad. Ederson blundered out by a shot from Armstrong, to solve the problem. Ward-Prowse struck from close-in.

It took until the second half to take a City, everything was set up. Sergio Agüero argued for over an hour. In five minutes, for a period of time, drew, Kyle Walker, with the department of foreign affairs all the way across the finish line. Kevin De Bruyne played the entire game in the City.