The city comes to life in Novosibirsk has gradually opened shops and shopping centres — what are the risks?

Novosibirsk business lives in conditions of isolation for nearly a month, but rules of the game in them, it seems, nobody still knows. The company, trying to keep your business blindly grope beyond the limits. Over the past week in Novosibirsk began to slowly work the shops selling shoes, clothes, appliances and anything else that citizens are still willing to buy. Not far behind and restaurateurs. A lovely day in the center, and you can have pizza to eat and beer to drink. How legal this is, yet nobody really knows.

Antiseptic as indulgence

the Imposition of restrictions to trade and public catering from the very beginning was accompanied by the innuendo and the possibility of different interpretations. In the very first decree of the regional government there was no clear prohibition of work for shopping centers and food stores. There was only a recommendation to which she had listened, perhaps, only the shopping center MEGA. All other objects had to close literally in manual mode.