Countryside with A Car of 2.5 million euros, a closer look at that? This is the fifth edition of the Countryside Vintage car Event this past weekend. There is so much more. The organiser Wim Soenens several years of work to put together, but you can also have two of the old-timers to see where two of the Beatles, John Lennon, and Ringo Star, still behind the wheel.

It is now a tradition, the carfair at Waregem Expo. Visitors will be able to marvel at one of 150 cars of different brands. “It’s going to be especially for Italian vehicles including Fiat, Lancia, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, … as well as brands such as Mercedes, Porsche, Austin-Healey, Jaguar, Aston Martin, BMW, and Volkswagen were in attendance,” says Soenens. ‘

“The cars are coming, not only from Belgium but from the Netherlands, the united kingdom, Germany, Czech republic, italy, Spain, France, germany, … “, is Soenens further. “In other words: in every corner of the world, the gems are shipped to the Countryside. The previous editions have proved very successful, with more than 8000 visitors last year. This means that the stock market this year, a long-time sold-out in advance for this. Everyone wants to have a place in the Countryside.”

as well as this year, there are a few of the highlights that the general public is undoubtedly going to appeal to you. “The world’s most exclusive car: a Maserati A6GCS Spyder 1954 for € 2.5 million. But the most proud I am is the presence of two of the cars, which ever of the two Beatles had been. It’s going to be a Ferrari 330 GT from 1965, which John Lennon airport is the first owner and it was a Facel Vega (by Ringo Star in 1964. The car came from a private collection. They are not for sale, and have never been shown before in Belgium. It took five years of work went into the car to the Countryside to get to it, but I finally did it. I am very proud.”

be Behind the wheel of one of the wagons, Wim has not yet been able to sit down, because of too busy with the preparations. “But I’m going to really have to do. And at the same time, I can say that I have the keys and I vastgehad, who is also Ringo Star and John Lennon have in their pockets have been,” laughs Wim. The blue ferrari ” It was Weldon’s favorite. “When you have such a classic car, bright blue in the early ‘60’s, you can see that really not much at all. The cars are both in excellent condition. State Competition is in the restauratiewereld. This means that in the best possible condition so that they can live in. They’re really beautiful.”

so Many valuable cars that are gathered together are, from today, Thursday, already, by the way, that calls for additional safety measures. “In this area, we took extra measures. During the 6-anonymous agents keeping an eye on things, at night, is there security and is it a state-of-the-art alarm system. We are not taking any chances.”

There’s more to see than just cars. “There is also a wide selection of jukebox, enamel signs, old gas pumps, pieces of art, There is also a large restaurant, and 2 cosy vintage bars in between the cars. In the evening is a performance by the band.” The exhibition will open on Friday at 13 pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays, you can get there by 9: 30 am until 18.30 visit. Tickets will cost 15 euros. Children under 12 years old are free of charge.