RSC Anderlecht, and Anderlecht would be a fool not to do it. The purple-and-white, is working on a series, or a documentary about the return of Vincent Kompany. Proceeds will go partly to Kompany himself.

from A “Netflixserie”, this is the way it is in Neerpede is defined. But even so, it can be a documentary film — all the options are open. Ever since Vincent Kompany back to Anderlecht and is followed by a camera crew with every movement of the Red Devil. That’s going to come: it will be filmed in the dressing room, where Kompany speecht, but nevertheless, on the bus to the training ground and in the revalidatieruimte. Everything that Kompany did take action, it is evidently interesting enough to be in the picture — now there is a plethora of stuff. It says a lot about the state of the player-manager of the club is to enjoy the process.

co-Ordinator of the whole undertaking, which we do not know when they are ” off ” it should be, it is The Gaublomme. It does not come as a surprise, Gaublomme is a business partner of Kompany, the two stomped at the time, along Bonka Circus out of the ground, and the company is in the program, “Everybody’s Devil” in the run-up to the 2014 world cup were produced, and a creative, multi-talented artist. He has a background in the music and television industry. In the last couple of weeks and it was Gaublomme a regular at Anderlecht, even in a track suit of the club in the close proximity of Kompany.


What is Anderlecht, that distinguishes it from, for example, Club Brugge and last season’s play-off, as well as exclusive images and behind-the-scenes for a while, and that the product will sell. The purple-and-white, want to cash in on Kompany. How RSCA is investing and what it intends to withdraw, it is not entirely clear, but it is true that Kompany along with the cash will have to pass through. That is, due to his or her portrait and image rights.

with this: there is definitely a market for these types of projects. Similar to the initiatives of the Manchester City, and Tottenham took it to said to be about ten million. Have already been to those clubs, of course, have a lot more depth and value than Anderlecht.