The olympic Games is The olympic marathon the following year, finally moved from Tokyo to Sapporo. The International Olympic Committee confirmed today that all of the parties, a compromise was reached.

The board of directors of the Japanese capital, was long time straight, but has, for political reasons, with the green light. “We don’t have to agree with the international olympic committee, but we will make the decision to no longer hold back. We do this in order to Play the games of 2020 will be a success to be able to be in it,” he said to the governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, after a meeting with international olympic committee representative-John Coates, the Japanese olympics, the minister Seiko Hashimoto and the president of the organizing committee Yoshiro Mori.

Warmer temperatures are

Last month, the international olympic committee unilaterally determined to make the olympic marathon and the events of the walk is to move on to Sapporo, a city about 900 miles north of Tokyo, is located. It was back in 1972, the host of the Winter olympic games, and the temperatures in the summer months, a pack of kinder. The MINISTRY took this decision after a lot of marathon runners at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Doha, in spite of the late hour, gave up, or about to cross the finish line strompelden. The situation in Qatar, which has a high temperature, and high humidity are the same at the Olympics in Tokyo, japan.

The move of the race came from the political leadership in Tokyo, a lot of lack of understanding. The marathon is traditionally the final day of the Olympics, and the organization is usually a the perfect time to play host to nice in the picture.