The music of The British band Coldplay, has, in a roundabout way, to the song titles from the upcoming double album ‘Everyday Life’ is revealed. This happened in the world in the small ads, and ads in local newspapers, such as the North Wales Daily Post, Le Monde and the Sydney Morning Herald.

Guitarist Jonny Buckland, who grew up in the North of Wales, wrote the following on twitter, for example, from the group of: “I once had a summer job at the Daily Mail had photos of places in the homes that are for sale! I wasn’t really very good at it.”

at the Beginning of this week, the british media marketinggewijs all of the original out of the crowd, the new album, to be announced in a typewriter-written letter to a fan. It was also referred to in the newspaper ads. “During the last one hundred years or so, we’ve been working on a thing in the name of Everyday Life,” said it was. “In the small ads, then, is the ‘double album, to buy it you can write.”The lady said that the letter had first thought it was a joke, but, you know, a picture of the letter, and then, on Twitter, in which the british media are also in the photo is in the public domain up here.

“Everyday Life” is made up of the parts of “Sunrise” and “Sunset”. According to the ads, there are songs such as “Trouble in Town”, “Arabesque” and “Guns”. The double album is out on the 22nd of november, and it is the first album by the british media, since “A Head Full of Dreams”, which in 2015 will have arrived.