Premier League’s Afro will never go back. When he jeugdalbum scroll, he makes an annoying sound. Then, ugh, he’s out. Said Youri Tielemans: “The hair-do I will never grow up.” In an interview with Sky Sports, and shows in the Red Devil’s are a relaxed, way: “I ask no better. Just live this life forever.”

pats on the back. A barrage of compliments. Positive messages on the phone. His team, a team that is more likely than expected to interfere with the battle for the Champions Leaguetickets. A first nomination for the Player of the year’trophy, while playing in the Premier League. Recently, dad has a second daughter, Léana. Life, laughs, Youri Tielemans is increasing. And if it comes about, in the interview with Sky Sports, the Uk rights-holder to him.

Relax, browse for Williams on an iPad, with four albums of photographs from his career. Especially in the take pictures of in his youth, make it for fun. Bit of a shame. “My clothes are really baggy,” he says, with a picture in which he was a basketball and poses. But that is not the point. However, the lush head of hair. “You know, I used to have one (acting out) … with a giant afro,” he said. “A really great head of hair. Aaargh. That will come back. No way I can get my hair to grow.”