Antwerp, belgium, In the Blikfabriek in Hoboken, this is the weekend of the biggest indoor skate parks of our country are open. The park is a five-year offer prior to the need to move, but we thought over the weekend no one.

The skateparkt, it is the work of Gianni Perez (26), Pascal Meeus (45), both of them self skating. They have 7 months to put the skate park is almost complete, with the two together. “It’s in Belgium, looking forward to the indoor skating,” said the two, described earlier in this paper. “This park will make it easier for skaters to get to their sports and to exercise in the winter.”

The skate park consists of a main hall of about 3,000 square meters, with 2,000 square feet of skategebied. This makes it the largest indoor skatepark in the country. The park is in the Blikfabriek will take about five years to remain open, after which it will move.