Mechelen, the fifty or So riders and some of the wheels come Saturday morning, the fietszone the Famous city centre will be officially opened. “As of today, the rider and the size of the movement,” said Mechels, ships mobility is Just Vanmarcke (Open VLD). The Famous fietszone consists of 179 streets, and is about 30 miles long. “The most important in the whole of Flanders,” said Vanmarcke

with The advent of the fietszone the last couple of days and weeks is thoroughly advertised. Uitvoeringsdiensten of the City of deafgelopen days and then worked really hard to get anything from today, get ready to have one. Banners, road signs, and road signs. The Malinois, and visitors to our city, it is still hard to miss them.As of today, our downtown area is a great fietszone”, tells the story of ships, of public works, Patrick Princen (Green).Several cyclists have been opened in the morning, the fietszone with a festive parade. To the cathedral of St. sainte catherine et, in St. Catherine, were greeted by a reception committee. The participants were given a round of applause is also a bar.
raising Awareness

The new bicycle street to bring new traffic with them. As of today, there are, in 179 blocks from the Famous old town with a speed limit of thirty miles per hour. Drivers should have their vehicle and the cyclist is not overtaking. To do this, however, they risk a fine of up to 58 euros. The police zone Mechelen-Willebroek, was also present today, and was immediately keeping an eye on things.

“for the time being, we are not verbalizing. However, to promote awareness. Our agents will get an error when the rules of the fietsstraat are explained below. The drivers for the cyclists to catch up, will have to be addressed and, in the first instance, such a card to take home with us,” explains politiewoordvoerder, Dirk Van de Sande of.