The Time-out, It doesn’t have the heart to. Dries Mertens (32) celebrates with a nod and a wink. At this time, with the ball under the t-shirt, and an imaginary steering wheel in his hands. But no, the Cat is not pregnant. Earlier, he took it as a failure to cornervlag, or that he took a ploegmakker is literally at the tip of your nose.

with A wink of the eye, should be able to do. He Will then expand the fingers, not always in a hartjesvorm after you score a goal. With a little bit of variety in the celebrations, they can not hurt, and if he does something else, it’s right on the tongue. It Was Saturday evening is no different. The manager, Kat Kerkhofs, mrs. Mertens had to deny that she is expecting a baby.

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Big conclusietrekkers on social media, and in their wake, the rest of it went into overdrive and then it Will be after the opener against Sampdoria in the ball and ostentatiously, under the shirt, the put, him on his shit, and on an imaginary steering wheel is turned. The “point” he was already gone. It was a tribute to his friend and taxi driver, Antonio, Marturo – ‘Dolly’ for their friends. “I dedicate my goal to him”, wrote, ” Will be on Instagram. “Because he’s got a belly like a football has.” Also, the Cat was not quick to respond: “And the award for the most deceptive celebration for Mr. Will.” The standard of humour in the house Will.