The Lake home is in Austria’s Klagenfurt,, the next period of time, no cheering or booing to be heard. Just the sound of the birds singing in the range of 300 trees on the football field. It is a part of the project For the Forest and The Unending Attraction of Nature.

The Swiss artist Klaus Littmann and his Austrian colleague, Max Peintner, a six-year project working, it is our hope that visitors to the exhibition will think about it. We will be in the future, trees and other greenery seen in the projects?Littmann, who points to the recent forest fires in the Amazon, wanted to be a “radical view” of the wood to show, that is presented in an unusual setting, and the contrast between the vegetation and the stadionmaterialen, glass, metal, and concrete).

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The exhibition held in Klagenfurt starting on Sunday and a visit to the 27th of October. After that, the trees include aspen, oak, and birch trees and larches, from the stadionkwekerij elsewhere in Austria, is transplanted.SK Austria Klagenfurt, in the player of the W├Ârthersee Stadium (35.000 seats), note that the project will go to a different establishment. Not a big problem for the club, for at the time of the last thuisduel at the W├Ârthersee Stadium, there is only 2.100 spectators.