on Thursday Evening, July 9, the city’s residents once again complained of an intolerable smell, which increases closer to the center of the city.

— In the region of Narym and Dusi Kovalchuk appeared again disgusting smell of manure. Apparently, the opinion of residents and their health authorities interested… And we are ashamed in front of guests and it’s a shame that powerless, — said today the inhabitant of Novosibirsk.

— Live in the center. For the second day, the smell of pungent manure. In General, it appears periodically. Especially in the summer. That is nasty. Each time it appears in the evening, around ten o’clock. The most horrible thing in such weather is very hot in the apartment, of course, you want to ventilate the room, because there is no air conditioning. And the window will not open. The feeling that we live next to the plant where chicken manure spread — complains another Siberian.