It was a Sunday morning, U.s. time, that the president, when He announced that “the most important terroristenleider in the world,” had been killed in the north of Syria. Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi blew himself up after he was chased by the American troops into a dead-end tunnel in the run-in was made. It was a dramatic end to a 2-hour long military operation. The impetus for this was a few months earlier.

According to The New York Times, was the hunt for Baghdadi at the beginning of July was speeded up. According to sources of the newspaper, and when one of them IS the leader and one of his couriers, were arrested. On the basis of what they said, and the additional information passed to the CIA to the alleged hiding-place of Baghdadi, to be determined in the Syrian border region of Idlib.

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“But it was too dangerous to invade,” according to a correspondent Rukmini Callimachi on Twitter. “There were civilians in the building, Idlib is located in Syria and the Russian air space. One of my sources told me that Baghdadi was going to have to move, and that they are, at that moment, wanted to turn it off. But he stayed where he was. Weeks and then months.”

According to the Home would be two-to-three-previously-planned missions, for Baghdadi to turn on to cancel to his honor, the ultimate in surgery Saturday night off to a good start shot. It was around 17 hours, with eight helicopters, with American troops at a U.s. military base in the journey of an hour and ten minutes to get to the particular building has begun. (read on below)