Science and Planet of The noodtest the American company Boeing, we carried out a capsule is to be manned ruimtetransport is not at all the deal has expired. One of the parachutes on the Starliner and is not down.

From a small launch pad in the military base of White Sands, New Mexico, August, Boeing, are Starliner, with its own noodmotoren informed in an emergency, when you launch the simulation. After about twenty seconds, clapped parachutes appear, and it was in the case of this test, an unmanned spacecraft safely lands.

you can also Read the Successful noodtest for the ‘Starliner’, the space of the Boeing which the astronauts to the space station must use

Initially it was the fact that the experiment was successful; successful, but later the daring of Boeing from an “anomaly”. One of the three hoofdvalschermen to an as-yet-unknown cause, no utgeklapt.

The American ruimtevaartbureau, NASA, and Boeing has to say in the meantime that will take the only two parachutes “would be acceptable to the parameters of the testing, and the safety and security of the (future MATCH) crew members”.

Boeing, along with SpaceX, a company that NASA has been selected for the manned transport to the International Space station (ISS) to make this possible. In 2011, the last space shuttle and one of may only be to Russia for such transportation with each other. A Boeing would still be on the 17th of december, with a blank Starliner for use on the ISS to swing, such as SpaceX in march, and his Crew, the Dragon capsule has to be done.
The first manned space missions are still, for the next year on the calendar, but are subject to further testing.