The car is A student of the American West Grove, a science fair winner. They did this by creating a solution that you can think of to the increasingly thicker covering which, in the view of the public concern.

Alaina Gassler, eentiener of Pennsylvania, is the winner of no less than $ 25,000 (or such 22.564 million). She was awarded the prize for her discovery that the blind-spot takes in the car with a so-called A-pillars. This is the front covering over the past few years getting fatter and fatter as a result of stricter safety standards, and denying them a share of the line of sight.

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Alaina plaatsteeen a webcam on the outside of the car, and by the addition of a projector and she managed to get the image to project to the inner side of the A-pillar. Because of this, drivers can have a complete view of their surroundings.

The project was not without its challenges, but in the end, Gassler for her invention in operation. According to the jury, the student with the dezerelatief a simple invention for a problem that is in the tens of millions of cars around the world is playing tricks. All in all, the idea of Gassler has the potential to serve as a blind-spot system for future cars.