The Internet Technologiefederatie Agoria. calls once again on the roll-out of 5G network for high-speed mobile internet in Belgium. While in some countries it is already, is the record of our country mired in a political swamp. “A investeringsgolf danger to Belgium and beyond”, he Agoria at a press conference.

To set the “wake-upcall” in the paint to put up, let Agoria, two-stage technology companies in the word, with the major employment in the country. Airline company, Sabca, the host of the conference, it has 5G more is required for its drone services. “A couple of weeks ago, we will have a fully autonomous flight has been done between the Antwerp-based hospitals for the first time ever in Europe,” said Sabca CEO Thibauld Jongen.

See also the Port of Zeebrugge in belgium has its own 5G network

“One of the biggest problems with that is telecommunications, and we should be able to count on a strong signal, and the 4G is unreliable. So We have to find alternatives, with an expensive antenna. Competitors in other countries, it will soon be known as 5G, may be used. Belgium will lose there competitive edge with you.”